Top 10 Local Foods in Brunei (2018)

Top 10 Local Foods in Brunei (2018)

1. Nasi Katok

📝 Fragrant rice dish served with meat, wrapped in brown paper

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2. Ambuyat

📝 Starchy dish made from sago, usually served together with other meat and vegetable dishes

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3. Satay

📝 Grilled and skewered marinated meat (chicken, beef, mutton), served with a sauce

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4. Pulut Panggang

📝 Glutinous rice filled with meat or dried shrimp, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled

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5. Soto Daging

📝 Soup dish with noodles or rice vermicelli, topped with meat (beef or chicken) and vegetables

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6. Kolo Mee

📝 Boiled egg noodles topped with seasoned minced pork and char siew, served with broth

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7. Ais Kacang / ABC (Air Batu Campur)

📝 Shaved ice served with red beans and other toppings, such as sweet corn or ice cream

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8. Cucur Pisang

📝 Banana fritters served with sugar syrup or shredded cheese


9. Roti Kuning

📝 Soft bread filled with butter and kaya jam

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10. Teh Tarik

📝 Beverage made by mixing tea with sweet condensed milk

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Last Updated on 15 January 2018

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