Top 10 Local Foods in Malta (2018)

Top 10 Local Foods in Malta (2018)

1. Pastizzi

📝 Popular diamond-shaped pastry of Malta, commonly filled with ricotta or mushy peas


2. Stuffat tal-fenek

📝 Stew made of rabbit, tomatoes and various vegetables

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3. Soppa tal-armla

📝 ​Vegetable soup, typically made from cauliflower, potato, garlic, peas, and beaten egg

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4. Imqarrun il-forn

📝 Macaroni baked with meat sauce and eggs, topped with a layer of cheese

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5. Ġbejniet

📝 Maltese small round cheese made from renneted sheep or goat milk

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6. Kwareżimal

📝 Baked chewy biscuit, typically prepared with honey, roasted almonds, and spices

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7. Kannoli tal-irkotta

📝 Tube-shaped pastry with sweet and creamy ricotta fillings


8. Imqaret

📝 Deep-fried pastry filled with dates, commonly served with ice cream

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9. Bragioli

📝 Grilled or pan-fried juicy meat dish, commonly made with pork or beef


10. Kinnie

📝 Golden-coloured local soft drink with a bittersweet taste and orange flavour

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